2017 Cache Cow Hunt



We wanted to have some extra fun this summer to help introduce our official Lewiston State Bank Cache Cow blog, and we couldn’t think of a better way, as a community bank, than giving away money and highlighting local businesses!

For our 2017 Cache Cow hunt, we will be hiding official Lewiston State Bank squishy cows along with Cache Cow Cash Coupons (pictured below) at local businesses around the valley. We will post clues randomly each week on one of our social media platforms (Facebook or Instagram (@lsbank)) as to which business or location a cow is currently hiding. The first person to locate that week’s cow and post a picture of them self with the cow on their personal social media with the hash tag #LSBCacheCowHunt will be awarded the monetary value listed on the Cache Cow Cash Coupon.

We will be collaborating with several local businesses all the way from Preston, Idaho to Millville, Utah. The contest will run through September, and the amounts awarded will vary anywhere from $15 – $100.

For official rules and regulations, please click here.

We hope you have fun and wish you happy cow hunting!



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